About KogoPAY

KogoPAY is a socially conscious fintech start-up in London with other offices in Bangkok and Vilnius. We provide virtual IBANs account in GBP and EUR and mobile wallet in different currencies.  The initial KogoPay wallet and account  are already functional for fiat-to-fiat transactions. As digital currencies become more common, the wallet will also include crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto payments and later when possible CBDCs in the future. 

KogoPAY is not just a payment platform. Our dream is to create an ecosystem that benefits the whole of society. Our mission is to make it easy for people to transfer money globally. KogoPAY enables anyone to send money quickly to friends and family, make easy business transactions and helps charities receive donations with minimal costs.

KogoPAY reduces stress by allowing fast, easy and affordable money payments. We also encourage our KogoPAY family members to give back to society via our 'Pay it Forward' initiative. This enables KogoPAY customers to pay for a drink, food or other gift anywhere that they use our app.

As mentioned by Dr.  Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, "when I first started developing the idea for an easier, friendlier payments system, I knew from the get-go that KogoPAY should be inclusive and philanthropicFintechs are rewriting the story of payments and banking in so many ways. KogoPAY’s unique role in the Fintech story is to facilitate payments and simple money management for everyone. We’re about universal access to payment services, both nationally and internationally, about sending money home, running a small business and keeping control of your finances."

According to data released by the World Bank 1.7 billions adults worldwide still don’t have access to a bank account. The ‘unbanked’ can be on a low income but can also be those who move between countries as migrant workers or have a poor credit history. The inability to obtain a bank account creates more problems and exposes people to debt and risky transactions. Sadly, these individuals are those most in need of secure money transfers – often they are sending money home to feed their families! 

For this reason, we wanted KogoPAY to be more than a conventional business turning a profit. Our success must be inclusive, and we must help people along the way.



Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw CEO & Founder
Tuan Jin Aw CFO
George Tsafandakis COO
Jenny Chong Head of Innovation and AI
Simon Hughes CTO


Nasser Shipkolye Finance Manager
Jayesh Purohit Accountant
Nathasa Inthawong Assistant Manager - Transactions Reconciliation Thailand


Deividas Svedas Lithuania Country Manager
Arunas Mickus Senior Compliance Officer
Linas Cinga AML Officer

Sales & Marketing

Kadsuda Priyanu Sale and Customer Service Director - Thai and Asian Market
Songphon Kueawitha Associate Sale and Marketing Director - Thai market
Nat Ketudom Marketing & Customer Support

PR & Communications

Andre Radmall PR and Communications Director
Suphavas Varamali PR Manager - Thai Market

Business Development

Danial Kitcharoen Business Development Director
Nathan Namsap Business Development Associate
Yada Luengsukcharoen Business Development Associate


Dr. Kitti Jayangakula Legal Counsellor


Sudkit Fe IT Manager
Adnan Chowdury DevOps Engineer
Max Mellor DevOps Engineer


Mary Pelling CEO’s PA & Admin. Manager (UK)
Monpreeya Chauvidul CEO’s PA & Office Manager (Thailand)

Student Interns

Daniel Aw St. Albans Boys School (UK)
Gideon Aw Harrow School London (UK)