Our Crowdfunding Campaign Reached Its Target!

The end of 2019 saw us launch our successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, the highly regarded crowdfunding platform. Our campaign has closed but you can still register to invest in future raises here

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Secure and Convenient

Your KogoPAY app uses a PIN to protect your security and payments can only be made to verified members. Members can only be verified by their passport, proof of residence, or citizen ID. You may lock your app, or disable payments for added protection.

Notifications and transaction listings enable you to check all your transactions.

We keep all your details safe, and we are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Send and Request Money in Seconds

Send money to someone just by using their phone number, email address, or membership name. Request money the same way.

Withdraw cash, link bank accounts and credit cards. Send funds to a KogoPAY member in foreign currency using KogoPAY and enjoy highly competitive rates.

All transactions are visible in your app and you can create separate wallets for each currency.


A Built-in Wallet that's Tailored for You

All of our customers are unique. With KogoPAY, you can create a bespoke version of our app with wallets in multiple currencies.

You can use your currency wallets to send and receive money, topping them up from your bank account or credit card.

Transfers from wallet to wallet in your local currency incur no commission fees, making them the ideal way to send money to friends and family.

How to Use KogoPAY


Create New Account

Create an account to start sending and receiving money – to and from your friends, family and KogoPAY verified members.


Verify Your Identity

To maintain a secure and safe payment system, we verify your identity (by passport, proof of residence or citizen ID) and confirm your email address or phone number.


Ready to Use

We're focused on simplicity and speed. Get money to your friends and family quickly via our global verified membership network.


Send and receive money in no time (Send money, QR)

Join our free global digital network to send and request money wallet-to-wallet or via QR codes. Our app is fully regulated, complying with the highest industry standards.


Exchange money between wallet

Move money internationally with our simple cross-border payments. Exchange money using your phone via electronic transfer or a cash withdrawal.


Withdraw Cash at Superrich in Thailand

Use your KogoPAY app to withdraw cash at shopping malls, airports (including Suvarnabhumi Airport), and shopping centres via our preferred partner, Superrich Thailand. it's easily spotted with distinctive green logos.

KogoPAY News

Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, KōgoPay CEO was awarded by WAW

On 08/03/20 International Women Day, Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, KōgoPay CEO was awarded by WAW (Women Appreciating Women) in London as one of 100 most inspiring women 2020.
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WOMEN IN TECH START UP AWARD: Narisa found KogoPAY in the mobile payment industry that is dominated by most men founders. KogoPay has created a regulatory compliant mobile application to facilitate instant payment both locally and cross-border. The KogoPay wallet app enables instantaneous payments mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-bank, and QR payments.
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Kindness Hardwired – How Philanthropy is Part of Our DNA

Fintechs are rewriting the story of payments and banking in so many ways. KogoPAY’s unique role in the Fintech story is to facilitate payments and simple money management for everyone. We’re about universal access to payment services, both nationally and internationally, about sending money home, running a small business and keeping control of your finances.
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A fast, secure, affordable and easy-to-use cross-border remittance service

To serve these foreign workers, 2C2P has teamed up with financial and non-financial institutions in neighboring countries such as Myanmar's CB Bank and Cambodia’s Wing Money. On top of that, 2C2P has also established partnership with UK-based KogoPay, Hong Kong and China's LitePay and Thailand Post as well.”
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Our app will be ready soon!

Access your money with a quick tap of your mobile phone. Send payments to almost anywhere in the world in seconds. Manage the way you send and spend at a glance. Give to the needy and raise money at fundraisers with easy QR code payments.

The KogoPAY app will be ready very soon. To receive updates on the launch of the KogoPAY app, please register here.